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(she/her) - Singer/Songwriter - Voice & Piano

Hey there! Welcome to my world! Behind this photo is a live video! Just click on it!

Photo by Gabriella Falana

Here is my brand new video from the multi-talented Sitara from Studio X.1! Hope you enjoy!

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And here is my video “Queen of Darkness” by the fabulous Andreas Märker! Hope you enjoy!

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Short press text:

Susanne Folk creates music in the field of advanced pop, with selective references to sources of inspiration such as Amy Lee (Evanescence), Tori Amos and Rufus Wainwright. In some facets Folk reveals a penchant for gothic aesthetics, not a few chords refer to her experiences in jazz music. A certain melancholy pervades many of the tracks, carried by the singer’s rather darkly colored vocal lines and expressive phrasing.

At times she dramatically elevates her voice, yet she knows how to dispense the amount of pathos so precisely that it comes across as haunting. “Probably some of the pieces convey a somewhat sad mood, but they are not gloomy, since (Folk finds) they usually carry hope.“ Mixed in with the ballads and mid-tempo pieces are a few faster songs. For example, „In Your Next Life” and “Pain”, with rhythmic piano figures and partly accentuated spoken vocal phrasing, as well as a soulful rock character.

With her first solo album Susanne Folk makes a striking statement. Love Is Not A Weakness builds on the power of a charismatic voice, accompanied by the natural sounds of the grand piano. This  combination, along with a resolute omission of electronic sounds, creates a special intimacy, in keeping with Folk’s thoughtful lyrics. The result is a collection of timeless songs of great intensity.

Album Release “Love is not a weakness” on Traumton Records on June 2nd 2023!

About me:

Hi! I am Susanne Folk and have been a musician almost my entire life. Coming from a musical family it really started for me as a young teenager with my love for the saxophone. I call this my first love.

I then began my journey as a musician and have been following my calling ever since.

There came a point in my life, when expressing emotions on my instrument wasn´t enough for me anymore. It was around the time, when I became a mother. Now I needed words to express myself, I needed to use my voice. So I started singing.

I had already turned into a songwriter years earlier, but this love affair has become a never ending story. I call this my second love.


On bands:

On other pages you can discover some of my other projects, where I am saxophonist, clarinetist, back.singer etc., but right here I just want to invite you into my focus project:

Just me, Susanne Folk, singing her songs at the piano. That´s it!


On songwriting:

It can take me a very long time to write a song and take even more time for it to sound the way I want it, but when it´s finally done, it has become a milestone in my life.

That´s why my songs are mostly deep and emotional, except for the occasional hits with the sticking-my-tongue-out and holding-up-my-middle-finger attitude.

My songs tell stories just like short films. And they are built as collages – just like life itself – a bit unpredictable.


On being a musician:

Being a musician today I feel responsible for spreading love. Not the kind of happy, superficial one, but the deep one that I feel for all other humans and for nature.

I believe that the hearts that were closed at some point, need to be opened again and that people need to really feel in order to act lovingly and respectively to one another.

These past few years have brought more fear and also more hate with it into this world. I believe that hate is never the answer and that shutting out music will not help to make this world better.

Music is life!! Music is love! And love is not a weakness!

Cheers!  Yours truly, Susanne


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